+ruth @zaynmalik I have just seen this. I feel so vulnerable. I am going to destroy you. Grrrrrr


Sweet to the soul, health to the bones.

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Jan. 22nd, ‘13

    Jan. 22nd, ‘13

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      [ video ]

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        Dublin, Croke Park. 24/05.

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          Anonymous asked "So what happened between Harry and zayn? Like why are they mad at each other"

          well i don’t think anyone claims to know they’re directly mad at each other it’s that harry has shown his support for israel and being such close friends with ben winston you see where that influence comes from. zayn, especially with his last tweet supports Palestine. i am extremely ignorant on this subject and i don’t feel like the appropriate person to explain this so here’s some links that explain it clearer: x, x 


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              zayn when ben winston touches him


                Anonymous asked "I can't believe he lost his 13mil over this he's back to 12.9 ://"


                weeding out the weak. they can stay gone


                  i’m ready to fight anyone who says anything negative about zayn’s tweet 

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